Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Modi wave-a hype ?

Few days back one morning, I went to purchase vegetables from hawkers who stand just a few steps from our society. I could not see the man from whom I buy my vegetables regularly. I asked the person who was selling vegetables in his place about him.
" Didi, wo to gaon gaya hai. "
While buying vegetables from him, I asked," Kahan ke ho...Bihar se.. ?"
" Nahin, UP se.."
" UP...kaun gaon ?....Mathura ? " I asked , as I have been to Mathura several times.
" Nahin, Banaras se hain."
Before I could ask him anything, he added, "Jahan se Modisaheb chunav lad rahe hain."
" To vote dene gaye hain kya ? " I asked.
" Ji, Modisaheb ko jeetana hai na !"
A fruit seller & an auto rickshaw driver were standing nearby & listening to our conversation. They also joined in.
I asked them, " Aap vote karne nahin gaye gaon ?"
" Nahin didi, hamara naam to yaheen par hai matdata suchi mein..hum yaheen par vote karenge."
" Ye sarkar jani hi chahiye ",The auto rickshaw driver added.
" Hmm, Mahengai kafi badha di hai Congress ne" I said...thinking that must be the issue for poor people.
"Mahangai to theek hai, ghotale kitne kiye hain..koyla ghotala kar diya..aur unki apni sampati to dekho, kitni badh gayee hai pichhle paanch saalon mein ! Sonia Gandhi aur unke jamai kitna loot rahe hain , jab ki garib ke paas khane ko nahin!"
I was pleasantly surprised at those illiterate people...not because of supporting Narendra Modi , but at their awareness of the issues facing our country !
I had shared this at facebook at that time & added the line at the end..
"& they say that BJP paid people to attend Modi's Road show in Banaras !"
I got a good response for that post.
Copying a comment from one of my friends...
I don't know if this support would convert to votes or not , It has become Modi vs rest of the parties...& even if it does, Modi / BJP / NDA would come to power or not. Congress is down to their dirty tricks to stop BJP from coming to power like appeasement politics , deleting pro-BJP voters from the voting list..they are even ready to support third front !
& if that happens , we should say good bye to peace & development of our country & be ready to welcome more scams , crime , riots & mid-term polling in a year or two
Read a comment a couple of days back from a Christian..saying that he & his community knows how Modi would be good for this country , still they would vote for Congress..just because they don't want Hindus to get strong !
Congress has brainwashed people of India , where they are now of different religions & different casts..no one is Indian !
& the limitations of our constitution is..BJP / NDA would sit in opposition even with 270 seats & Congress would be in power even if they get 50 seats ! Who cares whom people want in the center !
Isn't it time India adopted US model of election ? In my opinion it would good for clean politics in India. Let better man win. No one would have to vote for any criminals just because he / she is a candidate of some political party & we support that party !


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