Wednesday, March 19, 2014

फूलों के ज़ख्म

Some lines that came to my mind on current situation of India.
Different lines compiled to one graphic..
Dedicated to...translating ( & changing ) a Gujarati proverb...anyone is allowed to wear the cap to whom it fits...
Once again I don't claim that I am a good writer or a poet.. 

Ashaar mere yun to zamane ke liye hain ,
kuchh sher fakat unko sunane ke liye hain...
ab ye bhi nahin theek ke har zakhm bhula den
kuchh dard kaleje se lagane ke liye hain...
A friend asked me meaning of some words..
Khuddari - self respect
fitrat-habit , character , nature ( it is in my nature )
kalam-pen ( here I mean 'reporting' - journalism )


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