Sunday, October 7, 2012

Garden view

First of all I would like to thank my friends, family & all my readers for liking my Graphics in my previous entry at leisure...( don't worry, I am not going to give a speech ) 
Meena, Shanti, Kishore, Arti, Jay, Panchali , Amit sir , Anjali, Meg, Vishal, Anju , ( to name a few )...
Your encouraging words mean a lot to me.
I would like to share one more graphic with you; which I made a few days back. Once again, need your frank opinion for it. Thanks
garden view
Baghon mein bahar hai ?


Mithu said...

Very beautiful work. It can be used to create a real landscape garden by an landscaper. Thanks for sharing it .

AmitAag said...

It must have been quite laborsome I'm sure. The result is very good indeed, but since you have asked for frank opinions I would suggest as follows:
1. Too many colors might spoil the effect.
I liked 'Night Sky' and 'Waiting' very much.
2. Likewise, too many birds tend to make it a crowd.
3. In the latest work black tiles are 'eating away' the space and main subject. If the same and the sofa were subdued I guess it would enhance the garden.
These are my personal views, Vimla, not a rule as I am a learner too. Shall ask for your opinion on my work once it is done:) Thanks a lot:)

V. Khawani said...

Thank you for your suggestions, Amit sir :) I really appreciate it.will surely keep them in mind.
& yes, it took me few days to finish this.( since I don't get much free time )but I enjoyed doing it.
will be looking forward to your work :)

V. Khawani said...

Thanks Mithu :)

meena said...

vimi i love it.i dnt know much abt colors anyways but i like everythng which shows color in right places

its beautiful

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