Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mumbai-Tram Tracks to Worli Sea Link

Kalbadevi Road
I was five years old, when I visited Mumbai for the first time. It was for my brother’s marriage. I don’t remember much about that visit except the train journey ( which was my first one too ) & the wedding hall.
But I do have faint memories of my second visit to Mumbai ( or Bombay as it was called then ) after a couple of years. I had stayed at my sister’s place for a few days, who used to live at Kalbadevi Road at that time. I am talking about some fifty years back. I remember standing on a small balcony & watching over a huge sea of people passing by on the road below. I used to wonder, how so many people can be on the roads all the time ! I could hear voices coming from the road even while going to sleep at night! It is said that Mumbai never sleeps and at that time too, I had felt that. I don’t know why; but I found murmur of the voices coming from the road below quite soothing to my mind.
As a child, I was quite awed with Bombay.
Whenever I try to recollect those days, all the memories come back to my mind…. memories of the handcarts loaded with bundles of clothes moving around the roads & the workers shouting to move aside…walking in the small lanes of Bhuleshwar Market with shops full of colourful things for sale & keeping my eyes on my sister all the time ( I was always scared that if I ever got lost among those lanes, I would never be able to reach home ! )….On the larger lanes, “Victorias” parked with drivers waiting for the passengers…visiting Gate way of India…shouting to hear echo of my own voice…sitting on the sea wall of Apollo Bunder watching down the huge sea for the first time in my life…trams running on the roads…
After that I have visited Mumbai many times, sometimes even staying there for a couple of months to take up some course. My brother used to live there, with whom I had visited Hanging Garden, Kamla Naheru Park, Tarapore Aquarium, Chowpati, Nehru Planetarium & Akashwani Bhavan   ( with the announcer lady saying,  “jo bhi hoga sahi samay, Hes ka hoga wohi samay”, while we were standing in a corner very silently, so that no one can hear us on the radio ! ).
Wish I had a camera with me in those days.
Few days back I went to Mumbai for my training. This time I had my cell-camera with me, so was able to click some snaps while roaming around the city with my sister & nephew. 
Some more old photos of Mumbai...

Apollo Bunder

BEST early trams
Town Hall
Bullock carts on a Mumbai street
Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Churchgate Station
another view of Churchgate Station
Colaba Railway Station, which closed in 1930
Tram on a Mumbai Road
Cuffe Parade
EMU Rake ( Local Train ) at Elphinston 
Frontier Mail leaving Ballard Pier
Gowalia Tank now known as August Kranti Maidan
Marine Drive 1930
once Ballard Pier was a station
Oval Ground near Churchgate station-1875
Queen's Road
Steam Engine at Parel Loco Shed
Parsik Tunnel
Train passing through Bhayandar Bridge
Trains at Dadar Railway Station
Trains at Bombay Central-1950
Victoria Terminus-now called Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus
Walkeshwar Road
Wilson Collage
flora fountain 
Gateway of India
Some of the above pictures I received as PPT slides, others I have googled.
& Below ones I have clicked with my cell....

Versova Beach
sunset at Nariman Point
sunset at Nariman point
Queen's necklace-Marine Drive
Marine Drive & Trident Hotel
reminds me of a song-sham dekho dhal rahi's end @ Nariman Point
Bandra-Worli Sea Link at night..picture captured from our car 
Banra-Worli Sea Link...source: Google
Mukesh Ambani's did not click this one,
but I did see it ! never seen such an absurd building !


Meena said...

hahahah nice memory and nice pics

the last pic your comment made me laugh hehee

i havent yet seen bandra worli sea link

debajyoti said...

i just love these old photographs and can spend hours looking at them :). that's why i went through ur photographs first.

u didn't have a camera with u at that time but u still managed to get some old photographs.

lovely post again :)

sunil deepak said...

I love memoires and looking back in the past at how things were once! Loved reading it.

PS: Surprising to read the message from an Italian uncle from 1910 on the Churchgate picture! :)

Sudhagee said...

What lovely photographs of Mumbai, sorry Bombay. I just showed these photographs to my mother who grew up in this beautiful city in the 1940s and 50s and she went all teary eyed with nostalgia. Thank you so much

Kishore said...

u have done yeoman's service by posting such beautiful pictures on Bombay, my birthplace.yes i have seen trams and travelled in them when i was a kid.but some of these pics r of the city even before i was born.thx vim.i appreciate ur efforts.

V. Khawani said...

Thanks everyone for your comments..I am glad, you enjoyed watching these photographs.
I too love watching old photographs :)

umashankar said...

The vintage photographs are worth their size in gold; and so are your childhood memories. An utterly readable post.

Urvi Chheda said...

Dear V. Khawani
The vintage photo graphs are truly majestic!
I am associated with Bodhana Arts and Research Foundation that documents and archives art, artist and related subjects. We are in the process of publishing a book on a veteran artist Vasudeo S. Gaitonde by January 2015.
Vasudeo S. Gaitonde lived in Mumbai and was contemporary to the period of the vintage images shared above on your blog. Please let me know if there is any possibility if you could share some of the vintage shots of Mumbai as we intend to utilize them in our book according to the concept of text.
It would be indeed grateful to receive your support for our project.
You can revert back on my mail id

Thanks in anticipation
Urvi Chheda.

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