Monday, March 5, 2012

& the most entertaining minister award goes to....

Yesterday I was watching “The Command Force” on Doordarshan.
Remember Doordarshan ?  I have heard many people saying that they grew up watching Doordarshan. I can’t even say that because I had already grown up, when TV came to my house & TV meant DD only in those days…..& DD meant Buniyad, Hum Log, Mahabharat, Ramayan, Byomkesh Bakshi & some other nice serials. Those good old days….
I am not a great fan of TCF, but when I have nothing else to do…or rather don’t feel like doing anything on Sunday night, I watch it, as I have always liked detective stories.
At the end of the last night’s episode, The Chief said, “Neta achchha ya bura nahin hota, insaan achchaa ya bura hota hai.” ( I prefer ACP Pradyuman’s “ tumhen to fansi hogi ! “) I don’t agree with this statement…especially in the past few months every other day, our news papers were full of scams news by these ministers. Agree, a person is bad, not a minister: but a minister has full opportunity to be corrupt.
But who would argue with “The Chief”?
Naturally, DD has always been under Prasar Bharti and thus under direct control of Information & Broadcasting Ministry; so would show only what central government decides us to see and think ! ( so much for one of the largest democracy !! )
I have always found news channels in Indian television the most entertaining channels during the election times. For the last couple of months, I have been watching election campaigns for some states in India on news channels. This time too, they did not disappoint me. Actually all the credit goes to our ministers.
The award for the most entertaining ministers should go to….hmm, a rather tough choice, I should say !

Digvijaysingh ? ( would have to appoint some unemployed person just to count his statements ! )
Kapil Sibbal ?  ( “What about our rights as cabinet ministers ?” I heard him say in parliament on a news channel over Anna Hazare movement & started thinking, don’t we have any rights ??….He would put a ban on me using internet, if he reads this ! )
Salman Khurshid ? ( For the first time in India, Election Commission had to seek Presidential intervention to rein in a union minister & his reaction ? “EC could hang me, if they want to” ! & now they are thinking to curb the powers of EC !)
Beni prasad Verma ? ( if Salman can, why can’t he ??)
Sriprakash Jayswal ? ( if Congress does not win in UP, they would  impose president’s rule there !!  Looks like, Congress leaders dream to become dictators in India ! )
Rahul Gandhi ? ( ah, the angry young man of India really thinks, he is some kind of a prince ! How many times I saw him tear the ‘manifesto ‘ of Samajwadi Party ! Well, at least I saw all the repeat telecasts too of his drama on stage ! Next we come to know, he had torn the list of names of his own party leaders !!  & Akhilesh Yadav of SP comments "Rahul seems angry. Earlier he used to get angry by folding hands, and then he got angry by tearing up paper. Who knows, next time he might jump off the stage in anger,")
The list is unending !
The ruling BSP party leader Mayawati was always targeted by Rahul Gandhi during his election campaign. If we believe the exit polls, Congress party would be at the fourth position. Now senior Congress leader Beni Prasad Verma ( again it is Beni Prasad !!! ) says “Mayawati would be a better ally than Mulayam Singh Yadav for the party in Uttar Pradesh.” So now they want to form a government in alliance with Mayawati ! What happened to Rahul's & Sonia’s statements, “ Mayawati is responsible for  the State facing grave problems like increase in rape cases, lack of industries, health services and education in the province & swindling Rs.9,000 crore earmarked for the National Rural Health Mission” ??  
Sometimes I really pity our PM Manmohan Singh ! He does not have anything to say…or should I say, he does not have power to say anything !
If there was any award for keeping mum, it would certainly go to our hon. PM !

दिग्विजयसिंह टाइप के लोग इसी काम में आते हैं.

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( you should really see other cartoons by them...too good ! )


Meena said...

hahahaha haha too good vimi

what a humor
and perfect

keep up your writings

debajyoti said...

:D that was a fun read. what is TCF by the way?

liked all the cartoons. a complete entertaining post. u can write anything, wow!!!

V. Khawani said...

thanks :)
@Debajyoti, TCF is The Command Force-a show on doordarshan...

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