Saturday, February 25, 2012

Melting into nothingness...

I looked around the room. I could see the joy on each face...the joy of reliving the past.All of them were busy talking about the old times. Why not ? We were having a get-together after a long time.Some of them  started singing all time hits from 1950s & 1960s, a couple of them started dancing on the songs others were singing. Everyone was laughing & talking.
I had known them all for years. I remembered, how we used to sit & talk long after our classes...sometimes at a friend's house, sometimes at a coffee shop, sometimes even outside the gate of our classes....
I looked out the window...there they were...all four of them. A lady clad in a white saree looking really beautiful & three men, one of them...quite handsome looking guy, the one you read about in Mills & Boon Novels...looked up at me lovingly. I knew, he was waiting for me...they all were...  
How long would they wait ? Not for long, surely ! 
I said abruptly, “ I have to go now.” 
“ why so soon ?" several voices raised simultaneously in protest.
I just smiled & said, “ it is high time I left. “
They did not like it, but I had taken my decision..
I looked out of the window again. They were all looking up at me...waiting for me to come out. I was happy, they were there ! ( Who were they ? )
A couple of my friends also decided to call it a day. Saying goodbye to other friends we left the room. I could see some friends looking at me through the window. I waved to them…what was in their eyes ? a longing ? 
Turning on the road, I bade farewell to the friends, who were accompanying me. They held my hands.
“ Where are you going ?”
I did not know what to answer. I looked at the people waiting for me. They had started to walk. I was afraid , they would leave me behind.
Again I tried to convince my friends.
"I am getting late."
“Please, don’t leave as yet. “
Muttering under my breath..

Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Cheerio, here I go, on my way
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Not a tear, but a cheer, make it gay
Give me a smile I can keep all the while
In my heart while I'm away
Till we meet once again, you and I
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye
Cheerio, here I go on my way...

“ I have to go “, I said to them.
Again I looked along the road to see where those four people were heading, but I could not see them. I started to panic. Had they left without me ?  I was talking to my friends, but my eyes were trying to search those. Ah, there they were…still waiting for me at the far end of the road !
“ Look, I have to go now, let me go or those people would leave without me”, I said urgently to my friends.
“If you must…”
I sighed with relief. Saying goodbye again, I almost ran to those people. When I reached there, they welcomed me with a smile.
“So here we go.” the handsome guy said.. holding my hand very affectionately. ( Who was he ? Wish I had met him in my life !! )
All of us held our hands tightly together & started to fly in the air. Up & up we went…leaving all the buildings behind. We could see some roofs we had to pass through. It hurt, when my head hit those roofs.
The guy on my right said, “ Why are you afraid ? It can not hurt you any more; it is your fear that is hurting you. “
I was amazed ! Yes, it can not hurt me ! Nothing can hurt me any more !!
We passed through some planes flying in the sky without even touching them ! I could see the clouds passing by, the sun going down over the horizon, the birds flying back to their nests....I was going back home too ! After a while, the earth was left behind & it became dark. I could see stars shining around us. They looked so beautiful ! I could feel peace & happiness within myself, I had not felt for years !
We were still holding our hands together….but without any effort any more.  No one was saying anything; there was no need for words…
I could see planets & stars drifting across the sky & still we were going up & up…
It was quite dark, but we could make out some objects passing around us…some shining objects….
What was our destination ? The question rose in my mind. I kept remembering my Ishtadeva. He was with me, why should I worry? 
Then I saw some palaces on a planet ! ( like the ones they show in mythological serials in Indian television, but then I don't watch many !! )Was this the place ? Did not look like one…I could not recognize anyone there…or rather could not see anyone there.
made from my Goa album...just removed individual persons from this,
rest is original. amazing view ; isn't it ? & this is without any special effects !
We passed it & some similar places. Then I saw a sea. It looked so huge in the dark…without any land to be seen. Was it the Ksheer Sagar, I had read about ?  I did not get my answer, as we were still going upwards…
Again the darkness…a dense darkness this time…surely, it was not any black hole; by which I was quite intrigued in my life!
Still I felt peace within myself. The four of us did not feel separate any more, we had become one ! It felt so very good !
Suddenly I heard some voices…someone talking…who was it ?
My eyes opened ! So it was another dream of mine ! I reached out to check the time on my cell , it was three o’clock in the morning. So who was talking at this time in the morning ? Then I remembered. There was work going on at the opposite house, some building material must have arrived at this time.
I tried to go back to my dream…I wanted to feel that happiness, that peace within myself again….wanted to see the last destination I reached…without returning back…
In the morning, I remembered similar kind of peace I had felt years back…
Hmm... next time….maybe….  


meena said...

oh my god . i kept thinking what is this. u r amazing writer vimi.. what a dream you had

Dee........ said...

Inception :D sometimes we want to be drenched in dream..
i loved this dream..
amazing write up :) FOLLOWING

deb said...

next time complete ur dream and share it with us.

u just created magic, it was an amazing read.

illusions said...

wowwwww.. just wooow vimi di.. thank you so much for sharing with me... i could picturise the whole scene..keep writing and sharing <3

V. Khawani said...

Thanks everyone, for your kind words...really appreciate your comments, means a lot to me :)

Sangeeta said...

Beautiful write-up Vimz :) Totally loved it :)

V. Khawani said...

thanks Sangeeta :)

Kishore said...

yours was a dream,the one i sent you is philosophy n u cant compare the two, tho i must admit u r a fantastic should take it up full time.

V. Khawani said...

Thanks Kishore :)
I am not comparing them; I just said that your mail reminded me of this dream & the feeling of peace & happiness I experienced at that time.. without the fear of not knowing what was in store for me because I knew that He was there for me.

AmitAag said...

Oh it's awesome Vimla:) What a great write! ..amazing indeed:) I loved it!!

V. Khawani said...

Thank you, Amit sir :)

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