Thursday, January 5, 2012

Was it a ghost ?

The day was fading when I set off for my brother’s shop. As my brother’s shop is at a walking distance, I decided to walk instead of taking my scooter.  
The shadows of the late evening were playing hide & seek across the road & nearby trees. There was not much traffic on the road that day….maybe because of the cold weather.
When I turned onto the road leading towards my brother’s shop, I saw some teenage girls walking ahead of me.

Suddenly the lights on the road & surrounding shops went out & it became pitch dark. The darkness was so dense; I could not even see my hand in front of me! I thought, I had gone blind !  Those girls started screaming. I felt their hands clinging to me. I tried to calm them, but they would not listen. One of the girls put her hands around my neck.  Her grip was so tight, I started to suffocate, I tried to push her hands off me, but she would not let go. In the effort her grip tightened & darkness took over me...I thought I was breathing my last…
& my eyes opened! I was in my room sleeping in my bed !
 Upon opening my eyes, I saw a woman clad in a white saree standing by my bed looking down at me. I closed my eyes again, doing namsmaran (enchanting God’s name), started thinking ( & smiling at myself at the same time …it must be an after effect of that dream I had ! )Who was she?  A thief ? A ghost ? if she was a thief, I had to do something about… alerting my family & fighting with her ; but if it was a ghost…well, there was nothing to be done on my part ! She would do whatever was to be done ! Strangely, I was not scared !
I opened my eyes again…there wasn’t anyone there !
In 2006, our city was hit by heavy floods. Our society is on the bank of the river. My eldest nephew, who lives upstairs on the first floor, asked me & my younger ( elder than me ) brother’s family to shift to his house, he was afraid that the flood water might enter into our house at the ground floor at any time in the night. I assured him that if anything of the kind happened, we’ll run to his house.
After my brother’s family ( my brother, his wife, his eldest son Prashant & his daughter-in-law ) retired to bed at midnight, I sat with my youngest nephew Sagar to keep a watch in the candle light, as there was no electricity. We were sitting & talking, when I told him about this incident. After some time we too went to sleep at around 2 AM.
Next morning we noticed that flood waters had entered into our garden. We were quite tensed…what would happen if it entered into our house ! The day seemed quite long, but nevertheless it passed…without any improvement in the situation.
First thing I did after getting up the next morning, was to open my door to observe the level of the flood water, Upon seeing that my nephew, Prashant was also doing the same from his window; I asked him if he thought that the water level had decreased a little;  he told me that he had not been able to sleep…..full night he dreamt about the lady clad in white saree ! Sagar had told him about it !
Upon inquiring, Sagar told me that he had also shared the incident with a friend the previous night & his friend was so scared that he had asked him to accompany him to his house !! I could not control my laughter upon hearing it !
Strange ! It was me, who had that experience & I was not scared at any time at all….people got scared just hearing about it !!
By the way, what do you think.....was it a ghost ???    


Meena said...

ha ha nice experience and very well written. perhaps you gave me topic for my blog too to write a ghost story of my own hehe

nice one and i really like ur blog design

Anonymous said...

Nice one. Gave me the creeps.....Madhu

Kishore said...

And I thought you only gave away recipes for sweets.
Have you ever tried to contact Ekta Kapoor?

illusions said...

wowww.. some experience... i would have a heartattack if i was in your place :))

malti said...

v nice. i like yr page layout.

Sangeeta said...

Nicely written Vimla :) Spooky ;)

V khawani said...

thanks everyone for your valuable comments :)

CYNOSURE said...

haha...nicely written...that was more like a Hindi horror movie...hero of the story is never scared... ;)

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