Sunday, January 15, 2012

Memories of Makar Sankranti....

Today it is Makar Sankranti. When I got up in the morning, I remembered how we used to enjoy this day as a child!
In Gujarat, it is celebrated as a kite flying day.
We used to have a holiday in school on this day. I used to ask my mother to wake me up at 5.00 AM in the morning & my mother.. the sweet lady as she was, never woke me up so early, thinking that her little daughter should not lose her beauty sleep!
I always used to wake up at around 6.30 in the morning with the sounds coming from our terrace & the neighboring ones & complain to my mother, why she did not wake me up & used to run to our terrace, my mother shouting after me to have some breakfast first! 
I used to be on the terrace full day alongwith my brothers, a sister & cousins. We used to fly kites… well....I did not know much about flying kites, so mostly  I was the one holding "Firki’ for my brothers or my cousin brothers, who sometimes very kindly(!!) let me hold the ‘the manjha’ (string attached to the kite) of the flying kite. But I used to catch the kites that were cut & flying away above us. I found it the best part of Uttarayan.
We used to sit on our terrace days before Makar Sankranti doing our school home work.  
I remember, once I was sitting with my cousin on terrace doing my homework, when we heard a noise. I saw that there was some manjha stuck in a bamboo, which was lying there, but could not see any kite. Nevertheless,  I started pulling that manjha along with my cousin. Both of us took turns pulling it & after a while we saw a huge kite tied to it! Looked like someone had let the kite fly away from his hands with manjha of full bobbin attached to it! For days, it was the topic of our house!   
Today the scenario has changed. I don’t see many kites in the sky, whereas in those days we could not see an inch of the sky without kites! Maybe it was because we used to live in the main city at that time, where most of the people were local. We shifted to outskirts of main city 43 years back. Here the population comes from different states of India & kite flying is not their tradition. Besides, people have become lazy in enjoying festivals too! They get up late. It is past 9 in the morning & still I can't see anyone on a single terrace in neighboring area !
Another reason could be, we did not have televisions at that time in India, so we used to go to bed early at night & did not have difficulty in getting up early too.
The part I hate of today’s Sankranti celebrations night, when people can not fly kites, they burn firecrackers...I hate the noise ! Neither did we have music systems, which blare so much whole day! We just had radio & we took that to the terrace, only if there was a cricket match being played. I miss those days...
Here is a very lovely song from Bhabhi on this festival....

In Gujarat an international kite festival is held every year. Kite lovers from all over the world come here to celebrate Makar Sankranti. This short video is based on kite festival held in our city this year, which is a reflection of vivid colors of Gujarat culture. Its a showcase of our rich culture and heritage.

Wishing you all a very Happy Makar Sankranti!       


Meena said...

awesome.. since i came here i used to watch kites and i thought i wud be able to do. but woh ho na saka. since yday this time i havent seen a single kite in the sky perhaps in evening there wud be.

Kishore J.Katara said...

Times have changed.People have changed.Their priorities have changed.Yahan tak ke unke dil bhi badal gaye hain.Pehle, logon ke dil me apno ke liye pyar aor izzat hoti thi.Ab na wo log rahe, na wo samay raha.Nothing is permanent.The only thing that's permanent is CHANGE.

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