Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Indian Politicians,Election, shoe-slinging,etc. etc.

Finally the elections are over. Today is the last stage of voting, the exercise have already started between the parties as to who is going join hands with whom to achieve the magic number of 272 seats which they need to rule in the center, as all of them know that no single party is going to get the majority on their own.
This has been the worst election campaign India has ever seen! True face of the politicians has been revealed in it. All of them are just power hungry. All of them tried to show, how opponent is bad without showing how THEY are good! No one really thinks of our country or countrymen. Recently we have seen this new community rise-community of politicians, with whom we don’t feel attached. They are just too busy in blame game with each other to care about people’s issues. They only unite at the time when the issue of increasing their own salaries comes up !
They don’t have any morals. Left had withdrawn support only a few months back on the pretext of morals from Congress government on the issue of Indo-US nuclear deal & then created a third front to make a Non-Congress, Non-NDA government for this election. Now they are again ready to join the Congress government!! Anything for power!!
The problem is, these smaller parties will be ruling over the major ones by threatening to withdraw support if they don’t comply with them.
I have been thinking for the last five years-if these parties can come together, why can’t Congress & BJP join hands?? Their policies are similar & both of them together can lead India to new heights. There is only one issue between them-religion. BJP is considered to be Hindu party & Congress has been supporters of Muslims, even if they pretend to be secular. If they can resolve their differences on this point & join hands together, they would not even have to think about taking support of any Laloos, Jaylalitas, Karunanidhis, Mamtas, or Mayawatis. I wish, I live to see that day, when India truly becomes secular.
Though this time, people of India are in for a shock, if we believe the astrologers.
In fact, it would be interesting to see some third or forth front as the ruling party of India. I would like to see, what their true policies are, what they do for India, how they deal with major issues like terrorism & recession that India is facing. I don’t think, they can do anything, but still… once let them come into power, so Indian people would forget to vote for them forever & they can be wiped from the face of this country. As it is, if they do come into power, they are not going to stay there for full term!
On a lighter note-leaders will be relieved now on one issue; no one can throw shoes at them now that they do not have to show their faces to the public till the next election!
That reminds me-recently I read somewhere that this shoe slinging business in not new.A couple of similar incidents occurred before India became free.Once a shoe was thrown at Netaji Subhashchandra Bose at some public meeting, he caught it like a fielder on a cricket field & laughingly said to the person, “Please, throw the other one too, so I can wear the pair & go home.”
Once a person gifted a box to Mahatma Gandhi, telling him, it was fresh fruit. When Gandhiji opened it, it was full of old shoes & sandals, when Sardar Patel started to throw them away, Gandhiji prevented him & asked him to call a cobbler & sell those. They did that & deposited the fund to their Harijan institution.
Those were the true leaders! No wonder people still remember them with affection!


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