Monday, April 13, 2009

might have to say good bye to you!

Yes, you read that right, I might have to say good bye to all my online friends, because I might not have computer any more! I am going back to live my life like my ancestors used to live.
Well, I think, it is a possibility, if Samajwadi Party comes to power in India. Amarsinghji aap to aise na the!

Some points from their Poll Manifesto.....

1) Put a ban on English Medium Education. ( Interestingly, SP supremo Mulayam Singh's two sons have gone to such schools!!)
2) Remove English language as a medium from all offices and education institutions. ( Good one!)
3) Remove all computers from offices and institutes. (Jaspal Bhatti wanted to ask him, if this Manifasto was made on computer or was written by hand.)
4) Ban the use of machinery in agriculture. Tractors will be replaced by bullock carts.(What would organizations like PETA say here!)
5) NO to share trading and stock market operations.( Can I expect some charity from them? Not only people like me would be jobless, all the industries would come to standstill!)
6) Take actions against high corporate salaries. (hmm...maybe...)
7) Mall culture will be stopped. (I have just started shopping from Malls, as I get a good bargain there, guess will have to pay thrice for my vegetables to the hawkers... poor me!)
8) The salaries provided by private companies should be at par with the minimum wages for labourers. ( no comments!)
9) All English medium schools, providing expensive education, will be abolished.Mulayam Singh said his party was in favour of free education for girls until graduation. ( Thank God, they are not totally inspired by Talibanis!!)
10) Improve relations with Pakistan and Bangladesh. (really?? how? inviting them to our country, so the rest of the people would be killed in bomb blasts? But on a second thought, there is an easier solution, just hand them over not only Kashmir, but our whole country! No need for next election, after all it is just waste of our money!)
11) Action against communal powers and attack terrorism at its roots. (in short, ban on Hindus...get converted, or else......)
12) Unemployment Allowance Scheme for unemployed youth. (only youth? what about me???)
13) Welfare schemes for lawyers and the business community. (Naturally, we'll have to depend on such schemes only for survival!)
14) Farmers' cause to be taken up with the highest priority.(which farmers?)

Thanks for warning us in advance! I'll remember not to vote for you in my life!


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