Sunday, September 2, 2007

Old pictures of Karachi-1851

My family used to live in a place named Nagar Thatta, near Karachi. My father worked in Karachi. They left Pakistan at the time of Indo-Pak partition in 1947,when my elder brother was only 6 days old!
I was born in India,so never really dreamt, nor cared to wonder, how Karachi looked like. I knew about it only from what my parents used to tell me. We did not have any pictures of that place, because my family had to leave Pakistan all of a sudden one night ,without taking much. & maybe they did not have any pictures, as in those times, not many people took pictures.
When my nephew sent me those old pictures of Karachi,I was thrilled! I wish,my parents were alive to see those pictures! Maybe they could have recognized these places! My father would have been overjoyed to those photos! What would have been my parents reaction...........I'll never come to know!
Napier Mole Bridge-Karachi:

I showed these old Karachi pictures to one of my clients. She is an old lady of 75 years & lives in an old age home, as she has no one. She used to live in Karachi before Indo-Pak partition & I thought, she would love to see this pictures. & sure enough, so she was!

She told me that I had made her day! She recognised her sc
hool in one of the pictures & started telling me all about the places, she saw in the pictures. In this picture, she showed me the place, from where her sister had fallen from the bridge into the river & drowned just two days before her marriage!!! But she was so happy to see these pictures that now she also wants to buy a computer & get internet installed! Whenever I meet her, she remembers these pictures.

I think, this would have been my father's reaction, had he seen these pictures, when he was alive! Only if I can turn back times..........!s..i....g.h..

Clerk Street Saddar Bazar-Karachi
My client recognized her school in this picture by three towers at the f
ar end.

Sindh Arts College-Karachi

I never asked my father..did he go to this college for his studies??? Now I'll never come to know!

Though it looks like an old painting, which maybe it is.

You can see more old pictures of Karachi (& one of 2007 too) at-


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