Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Last year I went to Kashmir on a vacation. It is the most beautiful place on earth. OK, maybe not the most.........but the most beautiful place, I have ever seen! It had been my dream to see Kashmir from my childhood & that was fulfilled last year! God must have been in an artistic mood, when he made Kashmir! such beauty!

The only thing that pained is the problems, it is facing! All the time I was in Kashmir, I could not for a moment forget the fear, the pain that is there! How can humankind be so selfish, so cruel!

That reminds me that I went there with my sister & no one in our family knew that we had gone to Kashmir! Two years back, we had finalised the program to go there & at the last moment, we had to cancel it! Our family would not allow us to go there because of the terrorist activity. So this time we decided that we would not tell anyone that we were going there. We said that we are going to Kullu-Manali. Only a couple of my friends knew that we were going to Kashmir, as I thought it wise to tell at least some one, in the case something happened to us!

But we enjoyed there, so it is the most beautiful place on Earth for me!


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