Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ye India ka politics hai, bhidu!

Inflation has been above 7% here in India for the past few weeks.
The Government is trying to bring it down, or it might bring the government down, as the elections are just round the corner.
But look at some of the ministers’ statements!!
Kapil Sibbal says-the government does not have a magic wand to bring the inflation down! Looks like he is a fan of Harry Potter like me! I think, he should contact J. K. Rowling, who can tell him, where he can get that wand!! ( I wish, I had a magic wand, so I can vanish these politicians from the face of earth! )  If the government does not have a wand, then what is it doing in the centere?!

Now see, what Lalu Prasad Yadav has to say about it-inflation is increasing because of BJP! How???! BJP is encouraging the traders to stock the essentials. I think, he has eaten too much ‘ chara’ ! I would like to ask him-is he in the central government or is it BJP?? But it is so convenient to blame it on the opposition than to find a way to curb the inflation!  
Last week, Praful Patel came to our city on a flying visit-he always comes here on a flying visit-after all, he is a minister of civil aviation! Talking about inflation, he said, it is due to the changing habits of Indians! South Indians have started eating wheat & north Indians have started eating rice! (I think, now I’ll have to ask him before preparing my lunch!) & even if that is the case, where has the equilibrium gone wrong?

Chidambaram is another one! He is considered to be one of the best economists in the world! He keeps saying that to curb the inflation, the government will take all the necessary measures.( So who is stopping you?!) Every year in the union budget, he keeps fooling us ! He gives with one hand & takes away with many hands! ( He sounds like a magician with many hidden hands!)
& what about Manmohan  Singh?  He always keeps mum. Though he is also one of the best economists, but does he have the power to say or to do anything freely? I think,  I should also keep mum on this!


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